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Johnny's Juniors a day

Your daily dose of juniors

Johnny's Juniors a day; ♡
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Johnny's Juniors a day is a community dedicated to all juniors in Johnny's & Associates. There will be at least one picture posted each day, so that everyone will get a daily dose of juniors. In this community only the mods are able to post, so unfortunately it might end up a bit biased. But, if you feel that you haven't gotten your favorite junior fix lately, don't hesitate to drop a request.
Since fangirling and flailing are most welcome in the comment sections, we must also have some rules. Though if you master common sense, you should be just fine.

Respect all the juniors, you might not like every single one of them, no one of us do. But the one you dislike, someone else loves. So let's all stay civilized and respect each other.

No hotlinking! All images posted in this community have been uploaded by the mods on their own hosting services. If you want to use one of the images, go ahead. Just upload them to your own hosting site.

Mods & Creds
The owner of this community is shisaigas, requests of affiliates and similar goes to her.

Layout and Profile edited by xbettox, who is also the current poster, requests of next jr to be posted goes to her, or in the comment section.

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